Dragon's Lair Tuesday Nights

Blackest Plague

When and Where

  • Starts February 22nd
  • Every Tuesday night at 7:00 PM, until around 10:00 PM
  • Dragon’s Lair Comics, Austin
  • Short Campaign, 4-6 sessions, drop-in and occasional players are AOK

Post-apocalyptic survival horror set in medieval London.

1348 is historically when the Black Plague hit the city. But what if the plague was even more sinister? Suddenly, overnight, only a handful of survivors remain, and the streets are filled with shambling half-dead plague victims! Can you survive the first night, round up fellow survivors, and take the first steps toward rebuilding civilization?

Uses a simple FATE-like system. I will bring plenty of FUDGE dice for everyone.
There is magic, but it is the subtle magic that the people believed in during the time:

  • Alchemists can make potions that assist and cure
  • Witchcraft is real
  • Sorcerers exist
  • A pious prayer to the right saint might be answered
  • Holy relics from the past can impart wondrous power

Characters generation is very quick, because they start off with just a few descriptors, and get fleshed out as they do things in the game’s play scenes. Players can switch to new characters as more survivors are found, if they wish. Which also means that a player who decides to sacrifice a character for the good of the cause doesn’t have to just sit and watch. Grab a new character and jump back in!

What to Bring

  • Whatever snacks and drinks you’ll want (there is a 7-11 a little ways away)
  • Your brain

London overhead


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