Tuesday nights at 7:00 PM
At Dragon’s Lair Comics

6111 Burnet Road, Austin

Story Gaming for Everyone

Everyone welcome! Newbies especially!

Games that focus on player choices, creativity, storytelling, and moral dilemmas. The games are NOT about involved tactics, leveling up, or getting awesome loads of loot. Power gamers will NOT fit in well.

I run one-shot games, and short campaigns. The campaigns are always structured so that a different set of players can show up each week and it’s not a problem. So there’s no commitment. Show up and play whenever you want.

May 24th: FATE-based system inspired by Vincent Baker’s “In A Wicked Age.”

Classic Sword and Sorcery in the vein of Conan or Tanith Lee’s Flat Earth books. We start the game by randomly selecting four story elements from an “Oracle,” and then collaboratively spin that into characters and an initial setting.

Dragon's Lair Tuesday Nights